Octavian Finaru

About Me

Octavian is a writer, screenwriter, film and theatre producer and founder of ARTAVI STUDIOS.

He made his debut at the age of 18 with the novel “Grigore”, in which he intended to write the story in such a way that would not leave sadness and regret in the souls of his readers, even though the book might not have a happy end.

After his first encounters with cinema and television, seeing that art has become for many an industry, he felt the need of a new phenomenon, in which the focus would be on the artist, his growth and evolution, on the delivery of emotions and strong social messages.

Octavian has published 3 books, and among them, the longest letter-novel ever published as a book, worthy of the Book of Records, whose screening is in pre-production at Hollywood

About Octavian Finaru

He is the founder of ARTAVI International Entertainment Group, developing projects in the fields of journalism, cinematography and performing arts, having powerful, spiritual and emotional messages for the readers and viewers.

He is the first writer to publish a philosophical book about the writers’s power of creation and his relation with his characters, a book called “Inside the writer’s heart”, being more of a life guiding manual than an artistic book.

Octavian has directed 4 seasons of interactive theatre-forum performances called “The first step”, a project of emotional development in which he managed to solve dozens of social oppression cases. The project is still running.

He works both in Romania and the United States and Canada, having as main directions of activity the feature films production, events and advertising campaigns for the big companies.

His values loyalty, love, devotion and courage.

About Octavian Finaru

My Vision

Everything I create is made to let you live your emotion and to fulfill your journey!

I believe in a world driven by beautiful emotions! This is My Vision!

My mission is to write books, produce movies and create mysterious impactful stories, in which people find themselves and extract a strong morality that changes their lives forever in an amazing way!

Vision Octavian Finaru

In everything I do, I count on my Values

The goal does not excuse the means. We have a noble and healthy purpose!
Our work has an impact in society! We have values, we follow our hearts!
Creativity & Innovation
I create concepts and come with unique, original and spectacular revolutionary ideas! I use technology at the highest level
To bring value to the country
I am loyal to my creation and my partners are loyal to my creation too! Creation is a product that enjoys supreme appreciation!
Everything I create is based on love and loyalty!
Whatever I do is improved and transformed until it's new and perfect!
I believe in perfect plans that guarantee success and I am glad that I can create them!

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